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Green Ad Network
GreenAdNetwork - Socially Responsibly Advertising


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What Is This Service?

GreenAdNetwork is advertising with a conscience. The GreenAdNetwork connects green websites with green products, services, reports or anything else that needs to get out there to the people that want it. Unlike traditional online ads, the GreenAdNetwork gives control to the people who place ads ensuring that ads don't get shown on sites that you wouldn't want to be associated with.

A major difference between GreenAdNetwork and the traditiaionl textual ad services is that GreenAdNetwork puts accountability first. Transparency in ad rates and active efforts against fraud distinguishs GreenAdNetwork from Yahoo/Google.

How Much Will It Cost?

The price you pay for an ad depends on how many other people are bidding on the term that you want to pay for. Your ad only ever appears on sites where that term is one of the main topics. We use a contextual engine that identifies key topics on a page and then searches for ads that best match the content.

How Much Will I Make?

The amount you'll make entirely depends on your traffic and how closely aligned your site is with the green community.